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New York City Personal Injury Blog

Complications associated with cesarean sections

Cesarean sections have become increasingly common over the years. As an expectant mother, you stand what notes is a more than one in four chance of delivering your baby through this method. Sometimes, C-sections are completely unplanned and necessary because the birth process does not progress normally, among other reasons.

Other times, you may have a C-section because you had one in the past, and physicians often recommend that you continue to have them for any subsequent births. Regardless of the reason behind your C-section, it is important to understand the risks this surgery poses to you and your baby.

After fatal accidents, wrongful death suits may help people cope

Times Square in New York City is one of the most visited places in the world. Each day, thousands of tourists are attracted to the bustling streets and many attractions. Those who visit typically walk, and the sidewalks protect them with steel bollards built to withstand a vehicle traveling up to 30 mph. However, even those steel barricades could not prevent the tragedy that occurred recently. In similar situations, loved ones have considered filing wrongful death suits in an effort to seek compensation for their losses.

A 26-year-old man, who was allegedly under the influence of PCP, drove his car through the steel bollards and plowed into pedestrians. Witnesses say he jumped the sidewalk at full speed and mowed down victims for three blocks before his car struck a pole and came to a stop. At least 22 people were injured. Four who were critically injured suffered internal bleeding, pelvic fractures and traumatic head injuries.

New York company owner charged after fatal work injuries

Under most circumstances, construction workers who are injured on the job may claim benefits from workers' compensation insurance. These benefits cover medical bills, rehabilitation and lost wages. Additionally, workers' compensation provides death benefits to surviving families when their loved ones die as the result of a workplace accident. As reassuring as that may sound, most New York families would prefer that construction company owners would simply make the work environment as safe as possible to avoid those catastrophic work injuries.

One New York company owner faces 14 criminal charges, including manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide, following an accident that killed one of his employees and injured two others. The construction project involved removing a one-story building and replacing it with a five-story building. However, the owner instructed his crew to excavate an area on the site that the New York City Department of Buildings had not approved.

Some specialties have higher risk of medical malpractice

Going to the doctor is seldom pleasant. Even for a routine checkup, there is a level of nervousness about the possibilities. If the doctor finds something irregular, chances are good the patient will be sent to a specialist, and that may increase one's anxiety even more. Medical malpractice data published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that a patient's anxiety about seeing a specialist may not be unfounded.

The study says that doctors in New York and across the country who practice specialized medicine expect to be sued. In fact, 99 percent of high-risk specialists face at least one malpractice claim. For many specialists, the most common claim is a failure to correctly diagnose what is wrong with the patient.

Doctor's aggressive use of forceps causes birth injuries

Complications in the delivery room are every expectant parent's worst nightmare. After the careful considerations a mother makes to ensure the health of her unborn child, the negligence or carelessness of medical professionals during delivery can result in catastrophic birth injuries that devastate a life just as it is beginning. Parents in New York and across the country suffer right along with their children, and some are left making heart-wrenching decisions about the appropriate care their children may need as they grow.

One couple in another state recently won a lawsuit filed after their son suffered traumatic injuries when he was delivered at a federally funded hospital. The parents say the delivery was progressing, but the mother had only begun to push when the doctor utilized forceps to pull the baby out. Neither the mother nor the child were in distress, so the use of forceps was not necessary. The mother claims the doctor was sweating and straining, his face red with the effort to extract the baby.

Tips to avoid truck accidents

It is safe to say that many highway drivers have experienced the panic of a big rig operator crossing into their path without seeming to realize there was a car in the lane. Because of their size and shape, tractor-trailers have many blind spots, and truck accidents occur when smaller vehicles travel in those areas where they can't be seen by the truck driver. New York motorists may be able to avoid such collisions if they know the danger zones around a truck.

One good rule of thumb is that when a driver cannot see the sideview mirrors on a tractor-trailer, it is likely that the truck driver cannot see the smaller vehicle. Blind spots where the truck driver loses sight of another vehicle occur at a certain point on either side of the truck. Since the trucker cannot see through the trailer he or she is hauling, any vehicle behind the truck is in a blind spot. Smaller cars and motorcycles directly in front of the truck's cab may also be out of the driver's line of sight.

Mother files wrongful death lawsuit after son dies on school trip

Parents place their trust in many people as their children grow. The groups of people parents trust most are probably teachers and school officials. This may be especially true as children get older and participate in events away from home. When New York schools sponsor trips and provide chaperones, parents often feel nervous about letting their children go, but they realize it is part of growing up and rely on chaperones to keep their children safe. They may never expect it to lead to a wrongful death claim.

One mother in another state is likely regretting her decision to trust the chaperones assigned to accompany her son and 31 other students on a school sponsored trip to Belize. The students were visiting Belize for their international studies class, and part of the trip included a visit to the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. The 14-year-old's mother had gotten him a head-mounted camera to record his experiences, never imagining the camera would capture the last moments of his life.

Work injuries sideline New York construction worker

While most people suffer an injury on the job at one time or another, construction accidents are seldom minor incidents. An accident at a construction site may mean work injuries that can be permanently disabling or even fatal. Recently, a New York man was injured in an mishap that could have been disastrous.

The worker was standing near a crawler crane when the accident occurred. A beam attached to the crane was being used to drive steel sheeting into the ground when the cable holding the beam snapped. The seven-ton I-beam dropped onto the worker, pinning his legs to the ground. Witnesses say the man was fortunate the beam became caught in the sheeting and only part of it landed on the man's legs; otherwise, the results would have been devastating.

Doctor accused of medical malpractice after woman's death

Surgery is a frightening prospect for many people in New York. When asked why, many will say they do not like to be put to sleep. The practice of anesthesiology is delicate and deals with many variables, any of which may become a crucial element in a patient's survival of the procedure. One doctor in another state is facing a medical malpractice lawsuit following a surgery that ended a woman's life.

The anesthesiologist is accused of providing substandard care that caused the woman's death. The woman was undergoing emergency surgery following an operation on her heart. During the procedure, the doctor inserted an endotracheal tube to allow the woman to breathe while under deep sedation. However, the complaint alleges that the intubation was done improperly, causing the woman great pain and ultimately resulting in her death.

1st wrongful death suit filed after listeria outbreak

Sometimes it is impossible to know that a simple choice can change one's life forever. For example, more people in New York seem to be choosing foods that are organic or raw as a healthier or more natural alternative to the glut of processed foods in the typical diet. Nevertheless, even raw foods come with their own hazards. In fact, one widow in another state has filed a wrongful death lawsuit after an ill-fated food choice took the life of her husband.

The man consumed raw cheese manufactured by a New York-based creamery which specializes in raw milk products. Soon after eating the soft cheese, he fell ill. Because he experienced symptoms of listeriosis, he went to the emergency room and was hospitalized at a nearby medical center. A week later, the hospital transferred the man to a rehabilitation center where he suffered a massive stroke and died.