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What women need to know about misdiagnosis of heart attacks

Did you know that heart disease is the most common cause of death in women? Even worse, women are more likely to be misdiagnosed for heart attacks. Properly diagnosing an imminent heart attack is crucial to avoid further complications and death. As a woman, it is crucial for you to know pertinent information to misdiagnosis of heart attacks and how to protect yourself.

Early treatment can limit damage to your heart and even be lifesaving. Keep reading for details about this phenomenon with helpful information from PubMed Health.

Medical malpractice may occur when your surgeon leaves the room

Anyone anticipating an operation in a New York hospital may be concerned. Recent reports name surgical mistakes as one of the leading causes of death and reasons for medical malpractice claims in the country. However, it may be surprising to learn that the doctor a patient authorizes to do the surgery may not be the one actually performing the operation. In fact, a surgeon may not even be in the room while the patient is anesthetized.

The practice of double-booking surgeries is apparently common in many teaching hospitals. A senior surgeon may have numerous operations running simultaneously in different operating rooms. Fellows or residents may perform crucial parts of the surgery while the surgeon moves from room to room, although in some cases, the surgeon leaves the surgical floor altogether. A recent investigation brought the issue to the public eye by reporting that the staff of one of the leading teaching hospitals in the country blames double-booking for the deaths of two patients and the permanent paralysis of another.

Truck accidents leave many questions for investigators, families

Truckers, with the enormous size and weight of their rigs, have a grave responsibility to use every safety precaution necessary. Even in ideal conditions, sharing the road with a tractor-trailer can be hazardous. Truck accidents often result in devastating losses and lives changed forever. A recent accident in New York took the lives of four people who likely never saw it coming.

The driver of the milk truck was traveling on Interstate 81 around 11:30 p.m. when, supposedly, a number of deer crossed the road in front of him. In order to avoid hitting the deer, the driver swerved and likely slammed on the brakes, causing the rig to skid and jackknife across both lanes of the highway. It is unclear how long the truck sat across the highway or if the driver had time to set up flares to warn other drivers.

Birth injuries from forceps rare but serious

A mother or baby in distress during delivery can be a harrowing situation for all involved. The stress level in the delivery room may rise as decisions must be made quickly. At some point, the obstetrician may determine that an emergency cesarean may be necessary, or the doctor may allow the labor to progress with the aid of forceps. If the doctor is skilled and careful, the baby may arrive healthy; however, some doctors in New York cause birth injuries from negligent use of forceps.

Forceps use is rare and only applied when the baby's head has moved below the mother's pelvis. The instrument is placed on either side of the baby's head and used to pull the baby from the mother. Frequently, the use of forceps results in lacerations or tears for the mother and may even damage her bladder, uterus or pelvic nerve. The risk of infection is also possible.

Roof collapse results in serious work injuries

Construction seems to be a perennial event in New York. Whether it is a new building being raised or an old one receiving much-needed upgrades, the men and women on the front lines of construction know they risk work injuries every day. Part of what makes construction dangerous is the element of the unknown. From changing weather conditions to the failure of a safety device, at any moment, a routine day can turn into disaster.

Recently, at the site of a renovation project in Queens, a crane deposited a load of construction materials onto the roof of a two-story brownstone. Construction workers from two different companies were working on various floors of the project. Apparently, the weight of the materials, estimated at a few thousand pounds, was too great for the roof to sustain. The roof collapsed, dropping the tons of materials from floor to floor and trapping workers in the basement.

New York lawmakers consider medical malpractice changes

When a 41-year-old mother went to the doctor feeling ill, she had a treatable form of cancer in her lung. However, the doctor who examined her did not tell her about the mass on her lung, and the disease spread untreated. By the time doctors diagnosed the cancer in her body, it was too late to save her life. Additionally, the time limit for filing a medical malpractice claim in New York had also passed.

Currently, patients must begin a malpractice suit against a doctor within a certain time period following the medical error. However, since the error in diagnosis was not discovered until that time period had elapsed, the woman had no recourse to seek compensation. When she died of the cancer, she left behind her 15-year-old autistic daughter, who is profoundly disabled. Relatives and friends of the deceased woman are fighting to get New York lawmakers to change the time limit for medical malpractice lawsuits.

When doctors fail to recognize stroke symptoms

As is the case for many types of medical conditions, stroke victims can benefit vastly and often see notable improvement if they can access prompt diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, when health care providers overlook or misdiagnose stroke symptoms, patients may not get the care they need in time. In the best case scenario, such a mistake may set back recovery signficantly; in the worst case, the patient may die as a result. How fast a stroke victim gets the right treatment can substantially affect ultimate outcomes.

A stroke occurs when blood supply to the brain is interrupted. If the interruption lasts more than a few seconds, the lack of continuous blood and oxygen supply to the brain may cause cells to die off. The resulting permanent brain damage can cause a wide range of functional impairments to various parts of the body.

Was your stroke misdiagnosed? You are not alone

Having a stroke can be a devastating event. It can potentially lead to permanently impaired mental capacity or death. Timely diagnosis and treatment are necessary to reduce the severe effects of a stroke. Unfortunately, misdiagnosis is common. According to a recent study, early symptoms of stroke are commonly missed by emergency room doctors. Women, minorities and young people are especially at risk.

Your quality of life is at risk if your stroke is not properly detected and treated. Keep reading to learn how misdiagnosis occurs and how it may amount to medical malpractice.

3 causes of truck driver distraction in New York

Accidents in New York involving tractor-trailers, garbage trucks or other heavy vehicles can have disastrous consequences. Due to the significant weight and size of these vehicles, drivers and pedestrians involved in a collision are likely to get debilitating injuries or even die. When an operator of one of these trucks drives distracted, it increases the risk of an accident.

According to research conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 71 percent of accidents involving large trucks occur when the driver is distracted. Continue reading to learn about the top causes of truck driver distractions that lead to crashes on the busy streets of New York. 

Wrongful death: Crash near airport involved 2 vehicles

Airports are typically busy places, scenes of joy and sorrow as loved ones depart and are reunited. While one busy New York airport has seen its share of airline mishaps, authorities say there have been surprisingly few accidents involving motor vehicles in the airport's parking lots and along its access roads. However, a recent accident ended tragically, and loved ones may have difficulty determining responsibility if they decide to file a wrongful death claim.

In a news video accompanying the media report, authorities described the scene when police and medical crews arrived at the airport access road around 11:45 p.m. Rescuers assumed they were dealing with a one-vehicle rollover accident. The pickup truck was on its roof, three of the four occupants were injured and a fourth passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. As investigators questioned witnesses and reviewed surveillance video, they realized a second vehicle was involved in the crash and had fled the scene.