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Birth Injuries Archives

Birth injuries of shoulders and arms may bring lifelong suffering

Many expectant mothers in New York feel some nervousness as childbirth approaches. It is natural to have some concern about the pain, the difficulty and the outcome of labor and delivery, especially if the mother's condition presents risk factors for the baby's birth. Birth injuries can occur at any time during the birth process and are often the result of negligence by the attending physician or other medical staff.

Doctor claims birth injuries were caused by contractions

A complicated birth presents many unknowns for parents in New York and beyond. Birth injuries are possible if supreme care is not taken when delivering a child in a high-risk situation. Following delivery, the child may be carefully examined and monitored for signs that an injury has occurred. For one family in another state, a successful malpractice lawsuit will help them pay for the medical treatment their daughter has endure in the ten years since her traumatic birth.

Parents of child with birth injuries awarded $4.2 million

New York parents anticipating the birth of a child are seldom without some anxiety. They may be concerned for the child's health and well-being and that all will go well during labor and delivery. If the medical staff is negligent in the delivery room, a parent's worst fears may be recognized. Birth injuries often bring lifelong suffering. In fact, one family recently won a lawsuit that confirmed the importance of using proper techniques during childbirth.

Parents urged to watch for signs of birth injuries

New parents often sit for hours gazing into the faces of their newborns. They may be looking for similarities between the child's face and their own or hoping to catch a fleeting smile. As time passes, they watch for signs that the baby recognizes them and is trying to communicate. Parents in New York who study their babies may also be attuned to signs that the children are in pain or distress. If those symptoms persist, the parents may begin to suspect their children are suffering from birth injuries.

What are the risks if your doctor chooses to induce labor?

There is always a risk to mother and child during the course of a pregnancy, regardless of the mother's age, medical history or physical health. Naturally, issues in any of these areas can increase the risk of complications, but so too can the things doctors do that are often done with the best intentions.

Birth injuries may result from unnecessary cesarean sections

In New York, a woman having a baby may be full of anxiety. While giving birth is one of the most natural events that can occur, many things can go wrong, placing both mother and child at risk. The number of women who deliver their babies by cesarean section is higher in the United States than anywhere else in the world. Some believe having a C-section may protect the mother or the child from birth injuries.

Truck accidents in New York bring suffering to many

It seems to happen all too frequently on today's highways: a tractor-trailer fails to slow down when traffic has stopped ahead. Truck accidents can cause devastation on the highways, many times involving multiple vehicles and high casualty counts. A recent accident on a New York highway is one example.

Compensation for birth injuries may improve a child's life

When parents in New York are expecting a baby, they often anticipate the milestones in their child's life. They may look forward to cheering at little league games, watching their children get ready for prom or sending them off to their first part-time jobs. Parents of children who have birth injuries, however, may never share those experiences.