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Wrongful Death Archives

Mother files wrongful death lawsuit after son dies on school trip

Parents place their trust in many people as their children grow. The groups of people parents trust most are probably teachers and school officials. This may be especially true as children get older and participate in events away from home. When New York schools sponsor trips and provide chaperones, parents often feel nervous about letting their children go, but they realize it is part of growing up and rely on chaperones to keep their children safe. They may never expect it to lead to a wrongful death claim.

1st wrongful death suit filed after listeria outbreak

Sometimes it is impossible to know that a simple choice can change one's life forever. For example, more people in New York seem to be choosing foods that are organic or raw as a healthier or more natural alternative to the glut of processed foods in the typical diet. Nevertheless, even raw foods come with their own hazards. In fact, one widow in another state has filed a wrongful death lawsuit after an ill-fated food choice took the life of her husband.

Wrongful death claim possible after man dies in ER

A New York hospital is facing tough questions after a man died while waiting for treatment. The 54-year-old man had been brought to the emergency room after he was found unconscious on the floor in a convenience store. At first, he refused to get into the ambulance, but eventually the man arrived at the hospital, got off the stretcher of his own volition and sat down in a wheelchair. About two and a half hours later, the man was found dead in the waiting room. The hospital and the travel nurse it contracted may be facing a wrongful death claim.

New York school faces wrongful death action after student suicide

In an all too common act, one young girl sought a way to permanently escape the incessant harassment and bullying she endured at school. Once an active and kind child, the girl faced daily taunting in her New York middle school. On the day after Christmas, she took her own life by hanging. One year later, the girl's mother has chosen her own course of action and filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the school her daughter attended.

Wrongful death suit possible after paramedics miss injury

When things turn violent, many in New York rely on police and emergency responders to bring a measure of control to the situation and provide help where needed. The actions of these people often mean the difference between life and death. In one recent incident, an inexplicable delay in providing assistance resulted in the wrongful death of a young mother. Those who knew the woman are asking questions to determine what went wrong.

Faulty elevators result in wrongful death of infant

Many people are nervous riding elevators, and some even laugh at their fear because it seems irrational. However, for residents of a New York apartment building, those fears were recently realized in a tragic manner when an infant and her mother fell into an open elevator shaft. The family and neighbors are now grieving the wrongful death of the 6-week old child.

Tragic accident causes wrongful death after joyful wedding

Weddings often bring families together like no other celebration. A festive ceremony and reception can create memories that will be reminisced about and shared for years afterward. However, for one New York family, the events following a recent wedding will undoubtedly cloud any joy they experienced. Instead, they may be recalling the tragic accident that led to the wrongful death of a beloved family member.

How much time do you have in a wrongful death case?

As is the case in every state, New York has laws in place that award compensation to family members who have lost loved ones due to the negligence of another person. Called wrongful death accidents, these types of cases can be incredibly stressful on families not only because of the emotional hardship associated with them, but also because of the complex laws one must traverse in order to gain a sense of justice.

City settles wrongful death suit after autistic child dies

Although the city of New York agreed to a substantial settlement with a woman following the death of her autistic son, the mother says the money does not ease the pain. What she really wants is for changes to occur as a result of her son's wrongful death. Those changes may come on a federal level.

New York swimming pool drowning leads to wrongful death claim

Summer is a great time to let loose and party. Neighbors may fire up the grill and invite friends over for food and drinks. People in New York who own swimming pools may offer especially enticing invitations. However, when parties get out of hand and guests over imbibe, they may require some extra attention around the pool. An accident in a pool can leave a homeowner facing a wrongful death suit.