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June 2016 Archives

New York swimming pool drowning leads to wrongful death claim

Summer is a great time to let loose and party. Neighbors may fire up the grill and invite friends over for food and drinks. People in New York who own swimming pools may offer especially enticing invitations. However, when parties get out of hand and guests over imbibe, they may require some extra attention around the pool. An accident in a pool can leave a homeowner facing a wrongful death suit.

New York driver charged in wrongful death tried to flee

Some people involved in car accidents in New York are fortunate to escape with a few bumps and bruises or with no injuries at all. Others are not so lucky. When approaching a green light, many drivers slow down to make sure those approaching a red light will stop as they should. When they do not stop, tragedy is likely. Drivers who speed through red traffic signals may end up causing the wrongful death of another.

New York construction work injuries prompt reform recommendations

When a plane goes down, investigators spend time searching for the black box that records important data to pinpoint the cause of the crash. Following a number of fatal crane accidents in New York, a panel report has recommended that construction cranes carry similar equipment. This, along with other reforms, could potentially reduce the number of work injuries and deaths due to construction accidents.

New York worker's wrongful death blamed on company owner

Construction work in New York is dangerous. When workers are placed in risky positions, sometimes thousands of feet up, it is expected that owners of construction companies will have safety measures in place. In fact, it is the law for owners to provide certain standards of protection for their workers. Recently, a construction company owner allegedly cut corners to save money, resulting in the wrongful death of an employee. The owner is now facing criminal charges.

Fatigued driving: a hidden cause of many truck accidents

Trucks are large and heavy, capable of inflicting serious damage when involved in collisions with other vehicles. Due to the risk of serious injuries and major damage from truck accidents, it is critical for truck drivers to be well-rested and well-trained in safe driving practices. One of the most common reasons why trucks are involved in accidents is fatigued truckers. 

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