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May 2018 Archives

Distracted driving more common than many think

Technological advances have changed just about everything in our lives, including driving. Improved safety features allow a car to alert us when there is a vehicle in our blind spot, backup cameras help reduce the risk of backing into a vehicle or a person and even self-driving cars are promising to reduce user error. While these advances may be advantageous to motorists, roadway safety still depends on one thing: paying attention.

Common defenses to medical malpractice

Pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit can provide extensive financial relief and a sense of justice to those who are wronged by negligent medical professionals. However, before compensation can be obtained, certain legal elements must be shown. This means gathering and presenting evidence of negligence and causation, which can be challenging in its own right. However, even when one believes that he or she has built a strong case, he or she still has to confront any defenses that are raised. Therefore, it is important for medical malpractice victims to understand the defenses they may face, as it will allow them to build a stronger case.

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