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February 2019 Archives

Study: cell phone while driving still problematic

Distracted driving seems to be an ever-increasing problem throughout New York and across the country. Motorists are becoming far too confident in their ability to multi-task while driving, which means that they take their eyes off the road for disturbingly long periods of time. In these seemingly fleeting moments when their attention is diverted, these motorists can swerve into oncoming traffic, blow through a stoplight or fail to yield to a pedestrian.

Can doctors overlook stroke symptoms?

A stroke occurs when there is a sudden lack of oxygen in the brain, resulting in the immediate death of brain cells. It is the leading cause of adult disability in the United States, and the third-leading cause of death. Despite this, many doctors continue to misdiagnosis or ignore stroke symptoms until it is too late. It is paramount for everyone to be aware of the signs of a stroke, which include:

How often are commercial truckers abusing drugs and alcohol?

Sharing the road with commercial trucks involves inevitable risks, and this holds true even when the people operating those semitrailers are driving carefully and conscientiously. Unfortunately, many truckers find themselves engaging in all types of dangerous driving behaviors behind the wheel, with an alarming percentage of them admitting to abusing alcohol and drugs despite the obvious dangers associated with doing so.

Scaffolding-related harm can justify workers' compensation claim

Construction is constant in New York City. With so many construction companies operating seemingly nonstop, one would think that these businesses would be able to avoid workplace injuries. Sadly, this isn't the case. Individuals are hurt all the time in workplace accidents. When a construction accident results in harm, the damages can be significant, too. Lost wages and medical expenses can leave an injured worker unsure of where to turn for help, and he or she may be overwhelmed with the financial realities of his or her situation.

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