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Anesthesia errors in dentistry put patients at risk

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

Going to the dentist isn’t something that most people enjoy. The dread of going might increase when it’s time to have procedures, such as dental surgery. While it’s true that most of these procedures will be completed without any issues, there’s also a chance that something will happen during the procedure that leads to harm for the patient.

Dental offices, including those that offer surgical services, are located in ambulatory clinics. Many have the option of using general anesthesia for these procedures, but they aren’t located in a hospital where immediate medical care is present if something happens.

Why would issues with anesthesia occur during a dental procedure?

When you go to a hospital for surgery, you have an anesthesiologist on hand who can ensure that you’re as safe as possible. Plus, there’s access to lifesaving care if you need it. The availability at a dental office isn’t the same.

The person who administers the anesthesia must be trained to do so. There should also be someone there who’s able to perform life-saving measures if necessary. Before you’re given anesthesia, you should have to answer very specific questions so the practitioner can determine if you’re a good candidate for these medications. Because of the need for very specific doses, there’s a chance for errors to occur.

Any patient who suffers harm due to an error by their dentist should ensure they get medical care to address the problems. They may opt to hold the dentist accountable for the errors through a medical malpractice claim. Working with someone who knows how these cases are handled can make things a bit easier for you. This gives you the opportunity to focus on healing from your injuries.