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Paralyzed child awarded $40M in birth injuries lawsuit

The birth of a child is often the most joyous occasion in any New York parent's life. Such an event should never be marred by preventable birth injuries, yet sadly, cases of negligent making serious errors still occur and can adversely affect a baby for the rest of his or her life. A recent medical malpractice case in another state Resulted in a sizable verdict recently.

Birth injuries cast dark cloud over labor

Childbirth is usually a joyous occasion for New York parents who have been waiting for months to meet the newest members of their families. For some, this experience is hampered by hospital and doctor errors. Birth injuries -- either to the mother or child -- can be physically, mentally and financially devastating for victims and their families.

Risk of birth injuries may be hidden from expectant mothers

Probably the last thing an expectant mother wants to think about is the harm that can come to her or her baby while in the hospital during and after delivery. Nevertheless, that risk exists, and patients may not know about certain hidden dangers that may lead to birth injuries, both for the mother and the baby. Medical malpractice settlements are not always made public, and without diligent investigation, a patient may not know a lot of things about her doctor that could put her safety at risk.

3 warning signs of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a rare yet serious condition that causes high blood sugar and insulin resistance in pregnant women. There are many reasons a woman might develop this condition during pregnancy, including obesity, high blood pressure or prediabetes. If undiagnosed, a child may become too large and cause other birth complications, too. Regardless of the cause, however, it is a doctor's responsibility to provide an accurate diagnosis if a mother develops this potentially serious condition.

Birth injuries like cerebral palsy require ongoing care

New York parents facing the consequences of a birth injury may have many concerns and questions about what to expect as their children grow. Birth injuries such as cerebral palsy present unique circumstances and risks that often require a lifetime of monitoring and care. In addition to physical issues, CP may present social and developmental issues.

Failure to order C-section leads to birth injuries lawsuit

The birth of a child, which is often a dream come true for parents, could become their worst nightmare if mistakes are made by medical staff in the delivery room. No family in New York or elsewhere wants to see their newborn suffer life-changing birth injuries that could have been avoided. A family in a neighboring state recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit, alleging medical negligence at the time of their baby's birth.

Birth injuries from forceps rare but serious

A mother or baby in distress during delivery can be a harrowing situation for all involved. The stress level in the delivery room may rise as decisions must be made quickly. At some point, the obstetrician may determine that an emergency cesarean may be necessary, or the doctor may allow the labor to progress with the aid of forceps. If the doctor is skilled and careful, the baby may arrive healthy; however, some doctors in New York cause birth injuries from negligent use of forceps.

Doctor's aggressive use of forceps causes birth injuries

Complications in the delivery room are every expectant parent's worst nightmare. After the careful considerations a mother makes to ensure the health of her unborn child, the negligence or carelessness of medical professionals during delivery can result in catastrophic birth injuries that devastate a life just as it is beginning. Parents in New York and across the country suffer right along with their children, and some are left making heart-wrenching decisions about the appropriate care their children may need as they grow.

Birth injuries of shoulders and arms may bring lifelong suffering

Many expectant mothers in New York feel some nervousness as childbirth approaches. It is natural to have some concern about the pain, the difficulty and the outcome of labor and delivery, especially if the mother's condition presents risk factors for the baby's birth. Birth injuries can occur at any time during the birth process and are often the result of negligence by the attending physician or other medical staff.

Doctor claims birth injuries were caused by contractions

A complicated birth presents many unknowns for parents in New York and beyond. Birth injuries are possible if supreme care is not taken when delivering a child in a high-risk situation. Following delivery, the child may be carefully examined and monitored for signs that an injury has occurred. For one family in another state, a successful malpractice lawsuit will help them pay for the medical treatment their daughter has endure in the ten years since her traumatic birth.

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