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In truck accidents, passenger vehicle occupants fare worse

Whether traveling to visit family, driving to and from work or simply setting off on an adventure, interstates and highways are commonly-traveled roads in New York. However, just because they are frequently used does not mean that interstates are inherently safe. Most are populated with large 18-wheelers, hauling heavy loads over long distances. Truck accidents involving these types of tractor-trailers can be devastating for victims.

Truck accidents involving bicycles bring devastating injury

Some drivers behave as if laws don't apply to them. The result is that, not only is it unsafe to share the road with them, but their carelessness is the cause of many car and truck accidents. When New York truck drivers fail to consider other people on the road, those people may become victims of tragic accidents.

Truck accidents change people's opinions of New York

For some who move to New York from other states, the pace of the city is exhilarating, and they find the rush and noise of the traffic part of the attraction. However, when that rush leads to serious injuries, the excitement of city living may wear off quickly, especially for those who are victims of truck accidents. For one man, an encounter with a truck led him to the decision to move out of the city for good.

New York truck accidents caused by cell phone use

For many, having a cell phone in their hands is almost second-nature. In fact, some may pride themselves on being able to multitask, handling important responsibilities while tending to matters on their mobile devices. Unfortunately, if one of those important tasks is operating a motor vehicle, the chances of car and truck accidents increase. One New York truck driver is facing serious changes after police say he was driving while distracted.

Truck accidents leave many questions for investigators, families

Truckers, with the enormous size and weight of their rigs, have a grave responsibility to use every safety precaution necessary. Even in ideal conditions, sharing the road with a tractor-trailer can be hazardous. Truck accidents often result in devastating losses and lives changed forever. A recent accident in New York took the lives of four people who likely never saw it coming.

3 causes of truck driver distraction in New York

Accidents in New York involving tractor-trailers, garbage trucks or other heavy vehicles can have disastrous consequences. Due to the significant weight and size of these vehicles, drivers and pedestrians involved in a collision are likely to get debilitating injuries or even die. When an operator of one of these trucks drives distracted, it increases the risk of an accident.

Victims of truck accidents can suffer injury and death

Motor vehicle operators understand the fear and danger that tractor-trailer trucks can pose to smaller vehicles traveling the same roadways. The significantly larger size of a tractor-trailer can cause serious harm to anyone in its path. Truck accidents can result in property damage, serious injury and/or death. Recently, a New York man died after being struck by a tractor-trailer late one night on the New England Thruway.

Tips to avoid truck accidents

It is safe to say that many highway drivers have experienced the panic of a big rig operator crossing into their path without seeming to realize there was a car in the lane. Because of their size and shape, tractor-trailers have many blind spots, and truck accidents occur when smaller vehicles travel in those areas where they can't be seen by the truck driver. New York motorists may be able to avoid such collisions if they know the danger zones around a truck.

Man dies at intersection known for devastating truck accidents

Even on a beautiful afternoon, sometimes a perfect storm brews. For example, combining high speeds, heavy trucks and hazardous intersections can lead to fatal mistakes. The resulting accident may leave devastation and suffering. People at a particular intersection in New York are no strangers to such truck accidents.

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