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Lawsuit alleges work injuries include brain damage, more

On-the-job accidents in New York workplaces typically qualify for benefits through workers' compensation. However, when serious work injuries occur because of negligence, workers' comp may not be enough, and other responsible parties can -- and should -- be held accountable. In another state, for instance, a construction worker is suing a concrete corporation after he suffered a traumatic brain injury in the course of his work.

Man killed after suffering catastrophic work injuries

Regardless of who one works for or the type of work one is engaged in, an accident can occur without warning. At times, these work injuries can result in either disability or even death. Any New York resident could suffer a serious injury on the job that could also result in significant financial damages.

Work injuries got you down? You might qualify for compensation

Construction workers perform important jobs that are essential to growth and infrastructure maintenance in New York. While construction sites are inherently dangerous due to the nature of the job, these conditions are often exacerbated by negligent employers or third parties. Workers' compensation is a great foundation for providing necessary care and compensation for work injuries, but in some cases, victims need more.

Work injuries after roof collapse at New York construction site

New York construction sites are frequently scenes of accidents and injuries. Any construction worker knows that the risk of work injuries is high, and abiding by recommended safety precautions is essential. However, sometimes an accident cannot be predicted, especially when the building is an older construction. A recent collapse during the renovation of a historic building is one example of such an event.

Recent work injuries and fatalities added to disturbing trend

New York construction sites are notorious for accidents and safety violations. In recent months, numerous work injuries and two deaths have been reported from workers falling. Falls from heights are among the most common accidents on construction sites, and a recent tragedy highlights the importance of fall prevention.

Work injuries decline for all but older workers

Across the country, safety advocates and workers alike may be joyfully sharing the latest news regarding injuries and fatalities in the workplace. According to the latest government statistics, overall fatalities from work injuries in New York and several other states have declined. However, a closer look at the data shows a darker side to the research.

Roof collapse results in serious work injuries

Construction seems to be a perennial event in New York. Whether it is a new building being raised or an old one receiving much-needed upgrades, the men and women on the front lines of construction know they risk work injuries every day. Part of what makes construction dangerous is the element of the unknown. From changing weather conditions to the failure of a safety device, at any moment, a routine day can turn into disaster.

New York company owner charged after fatal work injuries

Under most circumstances, construction workers who are injured on the job may claim benefits from workers' compensation insurance. These benefits cover medical bills, rehabilitation and lost wages. Additionally, workers' compensation provides death benefits to surviving families when their loved ones die as the result of a workplace accident. As reassuring as that may sound, most New York families would prefer that construction company owners would simply make the work environment as safe as possible to avoid those catastrophic work injuries.

Work injuries sideline New York construction worker

While most people suffer an injury on the job at one time or another, construction accidents are seldom minor incidents. An accident at a construction site may mean work injuries that can be permanently disabling or even fatal. Recently, a New York man was injured in an mishap that could have been disastrous.

Work injuries involving eyes can be prevented

Back injuries, broken bones and shoulder strain may be familiar injuries to many New York workers. Those in the construction industry are no strangers to work injuries that can alter a person's life in a split second. However, injuries that do not get much press are those related to the eyes. Eye injuries in the workplace affect about 2,000 workers a year and are almost entirely preventable.

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