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October 2016 Archives

Cosmetic surgeon accused of medical malpractice by four women

Cosmetic surgery seems to become more common each year, with millions of men and women in New York and across the country going under the knife seeking improvements in all parts of their bodies. More surgeries also raise the possibility of an increase in medical malpractice lawsuits if doctors become careless in their procedures. One doctor is now facing four women who claim he botched their surgeries, leaving them permanently injured.

Older drivers may contribute to rise in truck accidents

Men and women past the normal age of retirement can still be found working in at least one industry: trucking. Two factors that seem to contribute to this trend are the slow economy and the shortage of truck drivers. Drivers who cannot afford to retire at 65 remain behind the wheel, and others looking for work are welcomed at driving schools. However, some worry that the number of seniors driving trucks may be contributing to the rising number of truck accidents in New York and across the country.

Faulty elevators result in wrongful death of infant

Many people are nervous riding elevators, and some even laugh at their fear because it seems irrational. However, for residents of a New York apartment building, those fears were recently realized in a tragic manner when an infant and her mother fell into an open elevator shaft. The family and neighbors are now grieving the wrongful death of the 6-week old child.

Changing laws may complicate claims for work injuries

For over a century, New York and other states have regulated individual systems of workers' compensation insurance to protect those who are injured on the job. Compensation for work injuries is provided by employers in exchange for protection against lawsuits for those injuries. However, recent investigations show that employees may not be able to depend on getting adequate help as long as states continue to cut benefits and complicate the process of claiming compensation.

A growing use of artificial turf and the growing cancer risk

Major league soccer has really come into its own over the last decade, with soccer teams popping up all over the nation, from the Seattle Sounders on the West Coast to our own New York City FC here on the East Coast. And while some clubs prefer to play on natural turf, some teams have opted for a more durable and lower maintenance option: artificial turf.

Parents urged to watch for signs of birth injuries

New parents often sit for hours gazing into the faces of their newborns. They may be looking for similarities between the child's face and their own or hoping to catch a fleeting smile. As time passes, they watch for signs that the baby recognizes them and is trying to communicate. Parents in New York who study their babies may also be attuned to signs that the children are in pain or distress. If those symptoms persist, the parents may begin to suspect their children are suffering from birth injuries.

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