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Construction accident kills New York worker

Construction workers often put themselves in harm's way for the improvement of society as a whole. These brave men and women work at excess heights, near hazardous traffic and in close proximity to dangerous machines in order to build roads, bridges and buildings. Even when these workers are provided with the best safety equipment and training to perform their job duties, workplace accidents can occur that leave them seriously injured or killed.

Sadly, one of these incidences occurred recently in New York. The 44-year-old construction worker was killed at a Brooklyn construction site when a wall panel being carried by a forklift tipped forward and landed on him. The exact cause of the accident remains under investigation, but there are concerns about high winds on the day of the incident and whether work should have been halted. Regardless, the damage has already been done. This man's family will now have to cope with the tragic emotional and financial realities that have befallen them.

Falls are leading cause of death among seniors

While there is nothing quite like exploring New York City in the wintertime, the colder, snowier months mean today's older Americans face higher risks of suffering slip-and-fall accidents and related injuries. Winter in New York means icy sidewalks, puddles of melted water in stores and office buildings and other related seasonal hazards. While younger people may be able to avoid some of these hazards with relative ease, older populations often struggle to do the same.

In fact, today's older Americans are suffering falls at high rates, with the National Council on Aging reporting that falls have become the leading cause of death, nonfatal injury and hospital visits among seniors. Just how often are today's older people falling and injuring themselves?

How is a brain tumor diagnosed and treated?

The brain is the body's command center. When functioning properly, an individual's physical, emotional and cognitive abilities are unimpaired. However, any minor change to the brain can result is significant changes. Brain tumors can cause these changes and pose serious threats to one's overall health. Although some of these tumors are benign, others are cancerous. This is why quick and accurate diagnosis is crucial to effective treatment of a brain tumor.

Knowing the signs of a stroke may save your life

Some seemingly benign medical symptoms may take a dangerous turn. Strokes can come on quickly without warning, or they may start slowly with physical changes that spell out warning signs of the catastrophic event to come. Ignoring these signs may spell out danger for your health if not treated properly.

Understanding common signs of a stroke can save your life. Giving medical personnel the timeline of symptoms is crucial.

Medical malpractice: what is sepsis?

Infection is always a concern in the medical field. This is because a foreign agent, whether a virus, bacteria or something else, can easily find its way into the body through a wound or incision. For this reason, New York medical professionals usually diligently work to prevent infection and the serious consequences it can have. They might consistently clean surgical incisions, provide medication to kill bacteria, and change dressings in a timely manner.

But, sometimes, medical professionals fail to take the appropriate steps to prevent infection, and even when they do, they are not always successful in staving it off. As a result, more serious medical conditions can develop, including sepsis. Sepsis occurs when chemicals that are released into the bloodstream for the purposes of fighting an infection trigger inflammation. This inflammation can become widespread, affect multiple organs and even cause death.

Increase in deaths related to plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is an elective procedure wherein a patient aims to address a cosmetic issue rather than a health problem. Similarly to any other type of surgery, these treatments carry risks, and it is essential for patients to understand those risks before deciding to go under the knife. 

People have developed severe health problems from plastic surgery, and some New York residents have suffered extreme medical problems or worse. For example, The New York Times reported on a doctor who police charged with murder after his Brazilian buttock-enhancing injections caused one patient to become fatally ill.  

Car accidents and contributory negligence

Nobody is perfect, even when it comes to driving. Most people have neglected to use a turn signal or have sped at one time or another. Fortunately, most of the time, these minor infractions turn out to be nothing more that small violations of the law. Sometimes, though, these driving errors can contribute to an accident. When this happens, motorists may find themselves wondering if their mistakes will prevent them from pursuing compensation from another motorist who caused the crash in question.

Under New York law, contributory negligence is not a bar to compensatory recovery in a legal action. This means that if one is hurt in a wreck, even if they were negligent, then one may be able to recover money from another negligent driver to contributed to the accident. However, if one's fault is determined to be more than 50 percent of the cause of the wreck, then they will not be able to recover compensation.

Competently handling workers' comp and third-party claims

Recently on this blog we discussed how construction accidents continue to increase in New York City. This sad reality means that many construction workers are at risk of being injured on the job on a daily basis. Improper safety equipment, lack of training and the negligence of others can all cause a workplace accident that results in serious injuries. If you've been hurt in one of these incidences, then you may want to consider legal action.

If you were performing your job duties at the time you suffered an injury, then you may qualify for worker's compensation benefits. Yet, these benefits don't always cover the full extent of one's damages, which may include lost wages and medical expenses. Under these circumstances, it may be wise to consider whether any negligence contributed to the accident. If so, then you may be able to pursue a third-party claim, too. If successful on this claim and your workers' compensation claim, then you may be able to recover all the compensation you need to obtain adequate medical care, focus on your health and work toward returning to your job.

3 fundamental responsibilities of obstetricians

Nothing is more joyful than learning you are pregnant, carrying your growing baby and delivering a healthy child. Becoming a mother, whether it is for the first time or the third, is an accomplishment that should not be downplayed. Pregnant women should consult an obstetrician for support throughout their pregnancy and care during the delivery of the baby.

There are several key responsibilities that every obstetrician must fulfill to effectively serve patients. Violation of these responsibilities can have dire consequences for both mothers and children. If your obstetrician has failed to fulfill any of the following obligations, it may constitute medical malpractice:

Construction accidents on the rise in New York City

New York is currently seeing a construction boom. Last year alone the city saw more than 168,000 construction permits issued, with more than 45,000 construction workers carrying out their duties across the city. While this may be good news for the city's economy and those who profit from a building boom, it may pose a great risk to those who work in this industry. This is because federal statistics show that construction work is the most dangerous job in New York. In fact, those statistics indicate that more than one-third of all work-related deaths in New York City are attributable to construction workers.

Sadly, the city has seen a slew of construction accidents that have left innocent and unsuspecting workers either seriously injured or killed. As a result, deaths related to construction accidents have doubled so far this year when compared to 2017, and injuries have climbed by 17 percent. This latter number equates to 469 construction workers being injured on the job.

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