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Trains aren’t necessarily as safe as people think

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2024 | Mass Transit Accidents

Discussions about mass transit often focus on how safe and efficient mass transit can be. On a societal scale, mass transit is more efficient and less of a safety concern than having millions of people operating their own vehicles. There are only a few people who might make mistakes instead of dozens of people, all of whom can contribute to overall collision risk.

Ferries, trains, planes and buses are among the most utilized mass transit options. Frequently, people assume that trains are among the safest options for getting where they need to go. They follow special tracks and have professionals operating them, which helps to eliminate some safety issues. However, federal data about train incidents might raise questions about that assumption. Incidents involving trains occur far more often than people might realize.

Train derailments are a daily occurrence

Countless things can go wrong with a train, including the possibility that it might come off the tracks. Train derailments occasionally make the news when they involve passenger trains or trains hauling dangerous materials.

Most train derailments don’t produce any major injuries and therefore do not warrant mainstream media attention. They occur much more frequently than people realize. A review of federal train incident data indicates that there are approximately three derailments per day.

A derailment could lead to injury for anyone on the train at the time of the incident, as well as anyone nearby. Those hurt while utilizing mass transit may have options for pursuing compensation for their property damage and injury losses. Realizing that certain safety incidents are common and predictable may help people feel more comfortable about the pursuit of compensation after an incident.