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Why are bus accidents so devastating?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Travel by bus is one of the most inexpensive ways that people can get around – but bus accidents also have the potential to be far more devastating to passengers than many other accidents. 

According to research, there are roughly 15,000 bus accidents in this nation every year, and nearly half of them (47%) result in injuries. Here’s why:

1. Their size and mass make every crash more intense

Buses are way heavier and bigger than most other motor vehicles, so they exert a lot more force in a wreck than passenger cars, SUVs and even smaller delivery trucks. The stronger the force of a collision, the worse the injuries to those involved are likely to be.

2. They aren’t always equipped with many safety features

There have long been debates on the issues, but bus passengers are generally not required to wear seat belts – and many buses don’t even have them. In the absence of proper safety restraints, passengers can get tossed around inside the bus pretty hard, which further contributes to the chance of serious injuries.

3. They have a bad habit of rolling over

Buses have a higher center of gravity compared to smaller vehicles with lower profiles, making them highly susceptible to rollover accidents – and these can be particularly deadly. In a rollover, the bus ends up with multiple points of impact, which only increases the vulnerability of passengers. In some rollover wrecks, passengers have even been thrown outside the vehicle as it turns over.

If you have been injured in a bus crash, you may be facing a long, difficult recovery period – and that can affect your financial stability in numerous ways. Learning more about your legal options can help you find some relief.