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Birth injuries from forceps rare but serious

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2017 | Birth Injuries

A mother or baby in distress during delivery can be a harrowing situation for all involved. The stress level in the delivery room may rise as decisions must be made quickly. At some point, the obstetrician may determine that an emergency cesarean may be necessary, or the doctor may allow the labor to progress with the aid of forceps. If the doctor is skilled and careful, the baby may arrive healthy; however, some doctors in New York cause birth injuries from negligent use of forceps.

Forceps use is rare and only applied when the baby’s head has moved below the mother’s pelvis. The instrument is placed on either side of the baby’s head and used to pull the baby from the mother. Frequently, the use of forceps results in lacerations or tears for the mother and may even damage her bladder, uterus or pelvic nerve. The risk of infection is also possible.

The baby is also at risk if the doctor is not cautious and well-trained. The baby’s face may be bruised or cut, or the instrument may damage nerves in the baby’s face. If the doctor exerts too much pressure on the forceps, the baby may suffer a skull fracture or brain bleed.

Fortunately, the use of forceps is uncommon. However, this may contribute to the fact that some doctors are overly aggressive or simply incompetent when using them. Parents in New York whose children suffer birth injuries from the use of forceps during delivery may seek advice from an attorney about pursuing compensation from the responsible doctor in civil court.

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