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September 2017 Archives

Recent work injuries and fatalities added to disturbing trend

New York construction sites are notorious for accidents and safety violations. In recent months, numerous work injuries and two deaths have been reported from workers falling. Falls from heights are among the most common accidents on construction sites, and a recent tragedy highlights the importance of fall prevention.

Birth injuries like cerebral palsy require ongoing care

New York parents facing the consequences of a birth injury may have many concerns and questions about what to expect as their children grow. Birth injuries such as cerebral palsy present unique circumstances and risks that often require a lifetime of monitoring and care. In addition to physical issues, CP may present social and developmental issues.

Wrongful death claim following football training accident

When high school football training starts, many New York parents eagerly anticipate the opening of the season. Even those with no children on the team may enjoy the spirit of the game and return to their old stomping grounds to relive the stadium atmosphere. However, for one family, that excitement will not come this year, following a tragic accident that may lead to a wrongful death claim.

Failure to order C-section leads to birth injuries lawsuit

The birth of a child, which is often a dream come true for parents, could become their worst nightmare if mistakes are made by medical staff in the delivery room. No family in New York or elsewhere wants to see their newborn suffer life-changing birth injuries that could have been avoided. A family in a neighboring state recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit, alleging medical negligence at the time of their baby's birth.

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