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Risk of birth injuries may be hidden from expectant mothers

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2017 | Birth Injuries

Probably the last thing an expectant mother wants to think about is the harm that can come to her or her baby while in the hospital during and after delivery. Nevertheless, that risk exists, and patients may not know about certain hidden dangers that may lead to birth injuries, both for the mother and the baby. Medical malpractice settlements are not always made public, and without diligent investigation, a patient may not know a lot of things about her doctor that could put her safety at risk.

A patient may be able to find reliable information about a New York doctor’s ranking compared to other doctors. However, specific details about patients who are injured or who die under a doctor’s care are not always readily available. It may behoove a mother to research whether a doctor carries adequate medical malpractice insurance.

Some doctors spend very little time in the delivery room, and they may not be able to manage a situation in which the baby’s life is in danger, such as a breech position. In some cases, a doctor or nurse may be tired, distracted or in a hurry, which may lead to injuries such as improperly administered epidurals that can injury the baby and permanently damage the mother. A doctor who is not entirely focused on the well-being of his or her patients may fail to check in after the birth, leaving the mother and child susceptible to infection or complications.

There may be many characteristics of a doctor that are distasteful to an expectant New York mother, for example, if the doctor disagrees with the mother’s preferences or has old-school methods. However, when these issues place the health and safety of mother and child in danger, a mother should not be shy about speaking up. Furthermore, if a doctor’s carelessness or incompetence results in birth injuries, a mother has every right to seek legal counsel to pursue the matter in court.

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