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Truck accidents change people’s opinions of New York

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2017 | Truck Accidents

For some who move to New York from other states, the pace of the city is exhilarating, and they find the rush and noise of the traffic part of the attraction. However, when that rush leads to serious injuries, the excitement of city living may wear off quickly, especially for those who are victims of truck accidents. For one man, an encounter with a truck led him to the decision to move out of the city for good.

The accident was the last straw for the man who, since his arrival in the city, has been mugged, had his bike stolen and lost most of his belongings when the neighbors started an apartment fire with fireworks. Nevertheless, he persisted in city life, taking a long bike ride one afternoon. On that day, he was approaching an intersection when a dump truck made a left turn in front of him. The man could not avoid colliding with the truck when the driver failed to yield to him.

Doctors expect the man to be bedridden for months, recovering from injuries that include a broken pelvis, ankle and femur. He may also have a torn ACL. When friends visit him, they help him with tasks he can no longer do on his own, like washing his hair and face, and even scratching his own back. Meanwhile, police arrested the truck driver for driving on a suspended license, though other charges may be added since trucks are forbidden in the area where the accident occurred.

Some may say the victim of this accident was just unlucky. However, many of these incidents resulted from the deliberate or careless actions of someone else. Most truck accidents can be avoided when operators are alert and cautious. Those in New York who suffer injuries in similar circumstances may seek restitution through the civil courts with the assistance of an attorney.

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