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January 2018 Archives

Paralyzed child awarded $40M in birth injuries lawsuit

The birth of a child is often the most joyous occasion in any New York parent's life. Such an event should never be marred by preventable birth injuries, yet sadly, cases of negligent making serious errors still occur and can adversely affect a baby for the rest of his or her life. A recent medical malpractice case in another state Resulted in a sizable verdict recently.

Veteran files medical malpractice suit for left-behind scalpel

New York patients place an enormous amount of trust in their health care providers when undergoing surgery or other invasive procedures. Unfortunately, that trust is sometimes misplaced. An Army veteran is pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit after a surgical tool was left inside of him after surgery.

Glenn Frey's widow files wrongful death suit

Beloved guitarist Glenn Frey might be most well-known for his time with the Eagles, but his name recently made headlines for something other than his music. Frey's widow is suing a New York hospital for what she says was the wrongful death of her husband. Her suit claims that both the hospital and an attending gastroenterologist were negligent in the care and treatment of the beloved music icon.

Foreign object from surgery prompts medical malpractice claim

Going under the knife can be understandably nerve-wracking for New York patients. Complications, inattentive staff and doctor errors can all cause serious injuries that carry life-long implications for victims. Many victims choose to pursue medical malpractice claims to address the physical, financial and mental toll that often accompany the aftermath of such injuries.

Birth injuries cast dark cloud over labor

Childbirth is usually a joyous occasion for New York parents who have been waiting for months to meet the newest members of their families. For some, this experience is hampered by hospital and doctor errors. Birth injuries -- either to the mother or child -- can be physically, mentally and financially devastating for victims and their families.

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