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Knowing the signs of a stroke may save your life

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2018 | Uncategorized

Some seemingly benign medical symptoms may take a dangerous turn. Strokes can come on quickly without warning, or they may start slowly with physical changes that spell out warning signs of the catastrophic event to come. Ignoring these signs may spell out danger for your health if not treated properly.

Understanding common signs of a stroke can save your life. Giving medical personnel the timeline of symptoms is crucial.

1. Headaches

Everyone gets a headache from time to time; however, a long-lasting headache that does not ease up with medicine may be a dangerous sign of a stroke. It may signal a brain bleed in progress, so it is imperative you seek medical treatment.

2. Numbness and tingling

A feeling of weakness and numbness on one side of the body may signal a blockage in the brain. If you experience the sensation that the left or right side of the body is asleep, get to a doctor for testing.

3. Sudden difficulty reading or speaking

Searching for words while speaking or processing something you have just read is a sign that your brain is not functioning correctly. It may be due to a few things, but a brain hemorrhage or blockage causes the processing part of your brain to malfunction.

4. Face droops

Strokes may not cause immediate incapacitation, but they do start generating reactions in the body even before they fully engage. You may notice one side of your face feels heavier than the other suddenly. This symptom may indicate a stroke in process in the opposite side of your brain.

5. Slurred speech

Although uncommon, slurred speech means the muscles controlling the formation of words may be unable to move correctly. The muscles may be suffering due to a lack of oxygen or nerve function, signaling a stroke.

Strokes are dangerous and life-threatening; however, knowing the signs and symptoms can save your life or the life of someone you love. Be proactive and seek intervention when your body seems to be off. However, if the doctor fails to address your symptoms timely, you may suffer further damage or death. Advocate for your health.