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IIHS highlights crash avoidance tech with 2020 top safety picks

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Every year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety releases a list of the safest new vehicles based on how they perform in its safety tests. For 2020, the IIHS focused a lot on crash avoidance technology: something that could help save lives, especially in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Perhaps you were seriously injured as a driver or as a pedestrian. Without this technology, drivers can quickly become negligent behind the wheel.

IIHS raises crash test criteria

Of course, if a crash does occur, a vehicle should be able to withstand the impact well. This is why the IIHS has toughened up the criteria for its crash tests. For a vehicle to be named a Top Safety Pick, it must now achieve at least a Good rating in the passenger-side small overlap crash test.

Two-thirds of 2020 vehicles received a Good rating in the driver-side small overlap crash test, but only 46% were deemed Good in the passenger-side test. This shows how many vehicles are badly in need of redesigns that improve passenger safety.

Results of IIHS crash testing

The IIHS tested 219 vehicle models and named 64 a Top Safety Pick while 23 got the Top Safety Pick Plus award. Mazda garnered the most of these awards, and Hyundai won the most awards overall. Thirty-six vehicles were deemed Good in terms of crashworthiness but did not win awards because they did not meet IIHS standards for pedestrian protection or headlight safety.

A lawyer for personal injury cases

Since you were seriously injured, there is probably no doubt that you will be able to file a personal injury claim and seek reimbursement for damages not covered by your insurance provider. You may also want to ask a lawyer for a case evaluation, as insurance companies often don’t want to pay large settlements.