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Spring is a dangerous time for excavation work in construction

On Behalf of | May 17, 2021 | Construction Accidents

Construction in New York continues year-round, but the risks that are the most dangerous shift from season to season. Winter months may put workers at risk for frostbite and issues with equipment  due to cold while heat exhaustion is a concern during the summer.

Springtime comes with its own unique concerns for construction work. Warmer temperatures and frequent rain can increase the risks around one of the most dangerous aspects of construction. Excavation or the removal of earth is a leading cause of injuries and death to construction workers, and some parts of the job are even more dangerous in the spring.

Trenching accidents can cause severe injuries and fatalities. Increased demand for new construction in the spring and precipitation combine to make trenching accidents a bigger risk in the springtime.

Another trenching fatality has occurred in New York

Only a few weeks after another trench collapse claimed the life of a construction worker in Orange County, another trench incident in Westchester County claimed a worker’s life. On May 4, a collapse involving a 10-foot trench fatally trapped a worker. This incident remains under investigation.

Early reports did not include details of what caused the incident. However, heavy machinery, inadequate safety equipment and understaffing can all contribute to trenching accidents and fatalities.

Spring weather and the increased demand for work in the warmer seasons can also contribute to unsafe work situations for construction workers. When construction accidents leave someone injured or claim a life, workers’ compensation claims or even lawsuits may be necessary for those dealing with medical or financial consequences.