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3 kinds of serious spinal injuries after a car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When a vehicle going at high speeds collides with another there’s no telling what kinds of injuries can occur. Drivers and passengers may only suffer from minor bruises and cuts, but some people don’t get so lucky. Catastrophic injuries happen all the time.

One of the major areas where people experience injuries is the spine. The spine is made up of vertebrae and controls major functions. When the spine is damaged, it can cause serious medical difficulties.

The following are a few common spinal injuries:


The law requires that vehicles are equipped with airbags and people are required to wear seat belts to protect them from injuries in an accident, but they can only help so much. In a collision, a driver’s head will likely thrust forward, momentarily, before their airbag sets off, causing their head to bold backward – this immediate and often harsh movement can lead to whiplash.

Because of this sudden movement, the spine can have a lot of stress. A victim may be left with neck tightness, shoulder pain and even back pain. This injury can be temporary, but some victims experience medical problems for the rest of their life.

Herniated disk

Between each vertebra in the spine is a liquid sack, which protects the vertebrae and nerves. However, these sacks are sensitive to extreme force, such as during a car collision and can lead to a herniated disk. When these sacks burst it can cause the vertebrae to rub against each other and damage nerves, leading to extreme pain.


People often can’t imagine what they would do if they lost the ability to use their hands or feet, but this is often the reality for people who are paralyzed. Paralysis occurs when the spine and certain nerves are damaged to the point that the victim can no longer use certain body parts. This can happen because the spine acts like an antenna for the brain, which sends signals down the spine and through nerves to move body parts.

Any kind of spinal injury can take years to recover from, causing tons of medical debt and lost time, but some people never recover. No matter the injury, people may need to know what their legal options are when seeking compensation for their injuries.