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Our last post, the blog discussed a recent pedestrian accident that left a New York woman dead. As sad as that incident is, it is not the only tragic death to occur in the New York area in recent months. In fact, on an almost daily basis, individuals are killed by the negligence of another. In other words, these deaths could have been prevented if those involved had acted with a certain about of reasonable care.

New Yorker killed in pedestrian accident

It's not uncommon for New York City's streets to be packed with motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. While most New Yorker's have an increased awareness of pedestrians because of this fact, others still act in ways that constitute negligence. They could be distracted, drunk or inattentive while behind the wheel. This negligence can result in a pedestrian accident that has serious ramifications, including serious injury and death.

We're aggressive in our approach to wrongful death cases

The sudden and unexpected loss of a loved one can be difficult for anyone to handle. While the emotional harm of knowing that one will never hear a loved one's laughter again or spend another holiday together is more than enough to leave surviving family members with unimaginable pain, they may also be forced to confront the financial loss often associated with these incidences. This can be particularly difficult to cope with, especially during a time when surviving family members are simply trying to move on in remembrance of their lost loved one.

Wrongful death award may be modified

Unexpectedly losing a loved one can leave a surviving family utterly devastated. In addition to confronting the emotional toll such a loss can inflict, these individuals usually have to find a way to cover financial damages. With medical expenses, funeral costs, and lost wages playing a part, these losses can seem insurmountable, especially when a family is trying to grieve their loss.

Glenn Frey's widow files wrongful death suit

Beloved guitarist Glenn Frey might be most well-known for his time with the Eagles, but his name recently made headlines for something other than his music. Frey's widow is suing a New York hospital for what she says was the wrongful death of her husband. Her suit claims that both the hospital and an attending gastroenterologist were negligent in the care and treatment of the beloved music icon.

Day care closed after wrongful death of child

Parent often have mixed emotions about placing their children in day care. While some New York parents may plan all along to find care for their child and return to work, others struggle with the decision. Nevertheless, it is likely that all parents hope the day care provider they choose will be a safe and nurturing place for their children. Sadly, one family is facing the ultimate tragedy, and a day care facility may be held liable for a child's wrongful death.

Tainted supplements responsible for wrongful death

When working toward health or fitness goals, many take advantage of any resource that offers results. For some, this means taking over-the-counter supplements, many of which are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Nevertheless, those seeking to lose weight or gain muscle may trust that what they read on the label is reliable and that the manufacturer would warn consumers of any potentially harmful ingredients. Apparently, this is not always the case, and the apparent wrongful death of an athlete is one recent example.

Wrongful death claim following football training accident

When high school football training starts, many New York parents eagerly anticipate the opening of the season. Even those with no children on the team may enjoy the spirit of the game and return to their old stomping grounds to relive the stadium atmosphere. However, for one family, that excitement will not come this year, following a tragic accident that may lead to a wrongful death claim.

Should you call a lawyer when a loved one dies in an accident?

Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult under any circumstance. It can be even more challenging when you suspect the death happened due to someone else's negligence. With enough to worry about, you may wonder if you should put in the effort to pursue a wrongful death case.

Wrongful death claim possible when no criminal charges are filed

The point of taking safety classes is to be able to perform some activity with less chance of having an accident. For example, those learning to hunt or ride motorcycles typically take safety classes so they can enjoy the activity with greater knowledge of how to handle dangerous situations. Unfortunately, a family in New York is mourning the loss of their son whose death tragically occurred while he was taking a boating safety class. While no criminal wrongdoing is suspected in his death, there may be cause for a wrongful death action in civil court.

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