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Compensation for birth injuries may improve a child’s life

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2016 | Birth Injuries

When parents in New York are expecting a baby, they often anticipate the milestones in their child’s life. They may look forward to cheering at little league games, watching their children get ready for prom or sending them off to their first part-time jobs. Parents of children who have , however, may never share those experiences.

A 31-year-old man with cerebral palsy recently wrote about the things he regrets. He was never able to run and play at recess or participate in gym class like his classmates. He had to endure countless medical procedures and the pain that accompanied them. However, even more than the disappointment of not fitting in socially or finding a job with ease, the young man regrets that he did not pursue legal action against the doctors who may have been responsible for his injury. He believes that his life would have been changed for the better if he had won compensation for the possible medical mistakes that may have caused his injury.

This young man advises parents to watch their babies for any delays in important early milestones such as lifting their heads, crawling and walking. He recommends that parents who suspect a birth injury contact an attorney who will assist them in gathering the evidence they need to pursue claims for compensation. Even mild injuries may result in lifelong struggles, so it is never too early for a parent to contact someone with the experience to guide them through the legal proceedings involved.

Knowing that one’s child may face a lifetime of challenges, obstacles and perhaps pain fills most parents with anguish. Parents in New York have every right to demand reparation for medical mistakes that cause birth injuries in their children. Although money does not take away an injury, it may provide help for a child that will improve his or her quality of life.

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