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New York work injuries may be prevented with safety precautions

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2016 | Work Injuries

In New York elementary schools, fire drills may seem silly to small children. However, the adults understand the importance of practicing safety procedures until they become second nature. Similarly, while on the job, people who take steps to make safety a routine part of the day may prevent needless work injuries. In 2014, over 4,800 workers across the country died on the job, and many of those accidents may have been prevented by following safety measures.

One way to prevent employees from falling into bad habits is for managers to provide easy access to a printed copy of every procedure. This will also ensure that no steps are missed when new employees are being trained. Additionally, workers can reduce the probability of injury if they keep areas neat and free from spills and tripping hazards. Performing tasks using only authorized methods is one way to cut down on accidents caused by careless mistakes.

Using digital signage for safety reminders is another simple way an employer can raise awareness on the job. Unlike printed signs that workers soon stop noticing, digital signs can be changed regularly with fresh announcements of safety award winners, current hazards and important procedures. They can also be used to notify workers of periodic safety meetings and drills that will reinforce emergency practices and evacuation procedures.

Employers in New York who take steps to make safety a priority demonstrate that the health and well-being of their workers are important to them. However, a job that has safety precautions in place may still experience its share of work injuries. People who are injured on the job and have questions about what to do next often contact an attorney who will guide them through the steps for claiming the compensation they deserve.

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