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Chain reaction truck accidents may cause fatalities

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2016 | Truck Accidents

When a person in New York is involved in a chain reaction accident, it may be a helpless feeling. A driver may see in the rear-view mirror that another vehicle is approaching from behind and will not be able to stop in time. If one is sitting in heavy traffic with no place to escape the collision, the driver may feel especially desperate. That feeling may be compounded if the vehicle approaching is a tractor trailer. Chain reaction truck accidents have the potential for disaster.

Recently, witnesses saw a horrific chain reaction involving three tractor trailers. The first truck came to a stop, and the second one was unable to brake in time to avoid the collision. He struck the back of the first truck and was subsequently hit by a tractor trailer behind him. The impact of the collision crushed the driver of the middle truck and caused the three vehicles to ignite. The driver of the first truck pulled his vehicle ahead and disconnected the trailer to allow firefighters to douse the fire.

It is well known that trucks on the highway often travel too fast. It is also understood that interstate traffic can be unpredictable because road construction, merging vehicles, wildlife and other accidents can cause traffic to slow or stop unexpectedly. Quick reactions are often required. This accident may be an example of the tragedy that can result from high speed and inattention behind the wheel of such a massive vehicle.

Truck accidents are often the cause of fatalities. People in New York who lose loved ones on the highways are known to contact an attorney for advice in pursuing compensation from the driver at fault. In this case, an attorney for the deceased man may investigate why the first truck stopped and why the driver of the second truck was unable to avoid the accident.

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