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December 2016 Archives

New York truck accidents may decrease with speed limiters

Numerous government agencies are waiting to see how the new president will handle the safety regulation they have been trying to impose since 2006. While the goal of the new rule is to reduce truck accidents and their devastating consequences, some fear it will also slow economic growth, which President-elect Trump vows to protect. Drivers in New York and across the country recently made their opinions known by submitting comments to the agencies involved.

Preventing work injuries requires a multi-level approach

When workers in New York are hurt on the job, they may spend weeks or months recovering. Many never overcome the pain of their injuries, but they may agree that they are luckier than others whose injuries were too severe to survive. Most work injuries are preventable, but the prevention must begin long before a worker straps on his or her protective equipment.

Mother claims medical malpractice after baby mix-up

Historically, mothers of nobility would pass their newborns to hired women who would breastfeed them. This typically doesn't happen anymore in New York or other states because medical science has learned a great deal about the special qualities of a mother's milk. One mother who is well aware of those qualities is suing a hospital in her state for medical malpractice for a mix-up that risked endangering the health of her newborn.

Wrongful death suit possible after paramedics miss injury

When things turn violent, many in New York rely on police and emergency responders to bring a measure of control to the situation and provide help where needed. The actions of these people often mean the difference between life and death. In one recent incident, an inexplicable delay in providing assistance resulted in the wrongful death of a young mother. Those who knew the woman are asking questions to determine what went wrong.

Risk factors associated with ischemic strokes

If you have been reading posts from our website, you are familiar with the most common type of stroke patients suffer: the ischemic stroke. This medical emergency can have a long-term impact on a patient's wellbeing because the blood clot causing the stroke can starve the brain of oxygen it needs to function. We have discussed many of the life-long complications that can result from an ischemic stroke: paralysis, memory loss and difficulty in talking or eating.

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