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Wrongful death suit possible after paramedics miss injury

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2016 | Wrongful Death

When things turn violent, many in New York rely on police and emergency responders to bring a measure of control to the situation and provide help where needed. The actions of these people often mean the difference between life and death. In one recent incident, an inexplicable delay in providing assistance resulted in the wrongful death of a young mother. Those who knew the woman are asking questions to determine what went wrong.

Very early one recent morning, gunfire erupted in the housing project where the woman lived with her three children. As the woman and her boyfriend took cover, a bullet struck the woman in the back. Police officers on the scene reported that they saw a gunshot wound in the woman’s back. However, when paramedics arrived, they apparently could not find a bullet wound. Family members wonder why medical personnel could not see the same wound police had found so easily.

Nevertheless, paramedics determined that the woman was in stable condition with no injuries, but transported her to the hospital anyway. While she was waiting for a CAT scan, the woman succumbed to the damage the bullet had done to her internal organs. She was declared dead just two hours after the shooting.

While police search for the shooter and the motives behind the incident, the family of the New York woman is struggling to figure out how to provide for the three children she left behind. In a situation like this where the events of the tragedy were chaotic and confusing, the advice of an attorney may be needed. A lawyer will investigate the case and interview those involved to determine if there is sufficient evidence to file a wrongful death suit, and who should be named in the suit.

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