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Man dies at intersection known for devastating truck accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Even on a beautiful afternoon, sometimes a perfect storm brews. For example, combining high speeds, heavy trucks and hazardous intersections can lead to fatal mistakes. The resulting accident may leave devastation and suffering. People at a particular intersection in New York are no strangers to such truck accidents.

Those working in shops nearby say they heard a terrible sound, and without looking, they knew what had happened. Vehicles had collided in the notoriously dangerous intersection. However, when they saw the SUV tangled between a tractor-trailer and a telephone pole, they rushed to the scene. Witnesses say the truck had come through the intersection and collided with the SUV, propelling it across the streets where it landed on its side and slammed against the pole.

One person in the SUV was killed. It took hours for crews to disentangle the SUV and remove the damaged pole. The cause of the accident has not been determined, but residents and workers in the area say the intersection is infamous for high speeds and distracted drivers, especially trucks that fail to slow down as they approach. People in the area witness as many as three accidents a month at that New York crossroads.

When big rig drivers do not control the speed of their vehicles, they place many people at risk of truck accidents. Left with the devastating loss of a family member or loved one, people often turn to personal injury attorneys for guidance. Seeking compensation for their loss is one way to ensure that they are able to meet the sudden financial burdens they may be facing.

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