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The dangers surrounding garbage trucks

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2017 | Truck Accidents

You probably see garbage trucks several days a week. For many people, they are a necessary part of life, collecting waste and keeping the New York City area clean.

However, the trucks can be dangerous. For example, some may be poorly maintained with tire issues, brake issues, nonworking turn signals and broken headlights. Because garbage trucks are huge and offer workers and the people around them limited visibility, it is imperative that they function as optimally as possible. Here is a look at other reasons why garbage trucks can be so dangerous.

They stop everywhere and back up a lot

Garbage trucks stop in a lot of places, including near schools and in neighborhoods where children play. There are some safety measures in place for, say, safe reversing and stopping, but nothing is foolproof. A child chasing after a ball could get hit and seriously injured. Pedestrians, bicyclists and car drivers are among the other groups at risk.

Garbage might fall out

Much of the time, garbage inside a truck is stored properly. Sometimes, however, refuse does fall out, and accidents can occur. Debris might directly hit someone, or a driver/bicyclist might swerve to avoid being hit.

The drivers are human

Garbage truck drivers are on the job, but they are human. That means they are prone to the same things that afflict many other people — distracted driving, drowsy driving, even driving while intoxicated. Combine that with operating a heavy-duty vehicle that may have safety issues, and you can see the possibility of negative outcomes.

Garbage truck drivers, being all too human, may also engage in road rage, improper stopping at a stop sign (or not stopping at all), speeding and other unsafe driving practices.

Because you see garbage trucks often, it can be hard to recognize their dangers. However, if you have been in an accident involving such a truck, an attorney can evaluate your options.