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Victims of truck accidents can suffer injury and death

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Motor vehicle operators understand the fear and danger that tractor-trailer trucks can pose to smaller vehicles traveling the same roadways. The significantly larger size of a tractor-trailer can cause serious harm to anyone in its path. Truck accidents can result in property damage, serious injury and/or death. Recently, a New York man died after being struck by a tractor-trailer late one night on the New England Thruway.

Reportedly, the 20-year-old male driver was outside of his vehicle changing a tire when he was struck by the tractor-trailer. As one would expect in such circumstances, the man was seriously injured. He did not survive his injuries.

The tractor-trailer driver did not stop after the truck struck the man. Although authorities in two states have been searching, they have not yet been able to locate the driver. Witnesses reported that the tractor-trailer was hauling two trailers, but the investigation has not revealed any other distinguishing details. Authorities are hopeful that other witnesses may provide more information to assist in the investigation.

Truck accidents can result in physical, emotional and financial stress for victims and family members of deceased victims. Medical treatment for injuries can accumulate quickly as well as end-of-life expenses for deceased victims. Personal injury attorneys in New York familiar with truck accident cases and dealing with truck companies can advise victims and family members of deceased victims of their legal rights and options to possibly recoup related financial losses. Once the driver in this tragedy is located, criminal charges will likely follow, and a conviction could add weight to the merits of a related claim for wrongful death in civil court.

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