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New York truck accidents caused by cell phone use

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2017 | Truck Accidents

For many, having a cell phone in their hands is almost second-nature. In fact, some may pride themselves on being able to multitask, handling important responsibilities while tending to matters on their mobile devices. Unfortunately, if one of those important tasks is operating a motor vehicle, the chances of car and truck accidents increase. One New York truck driver is facing serious changes after police say he was driving while distracted.

The man drove a box truck on the Thruway one morning when his truck rear-ended a smaller vehicle, pushing it into numerous other cars. According to photos of the scene, the truck appeared to come to rest on top of the car. The 45-year-old driver of the car died at the scene, leaving behind two small sons.

Investigators determined that the truck driver had been shopping online while driving along the Thruway. He was just completing a survey of his shopping experience when his truck collided with the victim’s car. Police have charged him with manslaughter.

The victim was a nurse at community clinics in New York and a nursing instructor at the University of Buffalo School of Nursing. She was known for her generous spirit, her dedication to her patients and her love for her children. Friends and family are collecting donations for the continued care of the victim’s sons. Nevertheless, families in similar situations may decide to seek compensation from the person believed responsible for truck accidents that cause the deaths of their loved one. Seeking advice from an attorney can provide them with options and guidance.

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