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Doctor leaves practice with unresolved medical malpractice claims

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

When something goes wrong during a medical procedure, the patient has the right to seek answers to questions. In some cases, the doctor may be forthright about the issue, but other New York doctors may be unwilling to admit their mistakes. However, in another state, a doctor facing numerous medical malpractice lawsuits has mysteriously left his practice.

Neurosurgery is a delicate type of medicine to practice, and the risks of any surgery in this field are considerable. In fact, neurosurgery is the practice of medicine most often named in medical malpractice claims. The doctor in question, who worked for a medical system for only five years, garnered no fewer than 15 malpractice suits during his employment. Although some of them were dismissed, at least one medical panel allowed a case to proceed to court, and another claim was settled for $1 million.

The highly-paid doctor faced lawsuits for such complaints as worsening post-surgical pain, unnecessary surgeries, the need for additional corrective surgeries and misplaced surgical hardware. Suddenly, two years ago, patients received letters from the medical system that the doctor was no longer practicing at the facility. No explanation was given for where he went or why he left, although some patients believe his departure may be related to the numerous lawsuits.

Those patients with pending medical malpractice claims must wait while medical panels review the complaints to determine if they should proceed to court. The doctor has reportedly renewed his license and may yet have to answer for the pain and suffering of the patients in his care. Those in New York who are victims of medical errors can seek advice for the best way to proceed by speaking with an experienced attorney.

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