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Truck accidents involving bicycles bring devastating injury

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2017 | Truck Accidents

Some drivers behave as if laws don’t apply to them. The result is that, not only is it unsafe to share the road with them, but their carelessness is the cause of many car and truck accidents. When New York truck drivers fail to consider other people on the road, those people may become victims of tragic accidents.

Recently, one truck driver’s actions reportedly resulted in a collision that left a woman badly injured. The 45-year-old man drove a dump truck for a private sanitation company. The driver had recently pleaded guilty to illegally dumping construction debris in the yards of residents. In addition, his driver’s license was under suspension at the time of the accident.

Last Thursday, the man drove his dump truck into Manhattan where he allegedly struck a woman on a bicycle, running over her legs. Although her injuries were not life-threatening, they were certainly life-changing. Reports indicate that the crushing injuries may result in the amputation of one of the woman’s legs.

Such an injury may mean many changes for this woman and her family. She may be forced to give up her career, and this may bring financial hardship to her loved ones. Those individuals in New York who suffer catastrophic injuries following truck accidents may be uncertain where to turn for help. Fortunately, the compassionate advocacy of a personal injury attorney can provide options for pursuing restitution. Successful civil claims may provide compensation to cover medical bills, rehabilitation and lost wages for those who suffer because of the negligence of others.

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