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Competently handling workers’ comp and third-party claims

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Construction Accidents

Recently on this blog we discussed how construction accidents continue to increase in New York City. This sad reality means that many construction workers are at risk of being injured on the job on a daily basis. Improper safety equipment, lack of training and the negligence of others can all cause a workplace accident that results in serious injuries. If you’ve been hurt in one of these incidences, then you may want to consider legal action.

If you were performing your job duties at the time you suffered an injury, then you may qualify for worker’s compensation benefits. Yet, these benefits don’t always cover the full extent of one’s damages, which may include lost wages and medical expenses. Under these circumstances, it may be wise to consider whether any negligence contributed to the accident. If so, then you may be able to pursue a third-party claim, too. If successful on this claim and your workers’ compensation claim, then you may be able to recover all the compensation you need to obtain adequate medical care, focus on your health and work toward returning to your job.

Both workers’ compensation and negligence claims can be fraught with legal challenges, though, which is why the legal team at Paul B Weitz & Associates ensures that injured workers’ cases are given the time and attention they need and deserve. We help our clients build the strongest cases possible given the circumstances so that they can increase their chances of finding a favorable outcome that leaves them well-positioned for the future.

Skillfully handling these types of cases takes diligence, knowledge and even aggressiveness, which are all characteristics that we possess and apply to each of our clients’ claims. We work hard so that New Yorkers can rest assured that their voices are being heard and their legal rights are being protected. By doing so, we have helped countless individuals secure the money they need to get by during what, for many, is the most difficult time of their lives.