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Increase in deaths related to plastic surgery

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2018 | Uncategorized

Plastic surgery is an elective procedure wherein a patient aims to address a cosmetic issue rather than a health problem. Similarly to any other type of surgery, these treatments carry risks, and it is essential for patients to understand those risks before deciding to go under the knife. 

People have developed severe health problems from plastic surgery, and some New York residents have suffered extreme medical problems or worse. For example, The New York Times reported on a doctor who police charged with murder after his Brazilian buttock-enhancing injections caused one patient to become fatally ill.  

How to avoid complications from plastic surgery

While it is up to the doctor to perform competently with any surgery, patients should conduct due diligence before pursuing any intensive surgery. There are both local and national standards of care the plastic surgeon must abide by. They must receive board certification to perform each surgery, and patients should only work with experienced, certified professionals. Some people may claim to perform a particular surgery but lack these qualifications. They typically offer lower prices, but it is always worth it to pay more for peace of mind. 

How to pursue a medical malpractice claim

Anyone who has suffered negligence from a doctor may pursue a claim to recover damages. Malpractice must extend beyond simple dissatisfaction, such as feeling upset over a scar left by the surgery. The most difficult part of any medical malpractice claim involves proving the surgeon was negligent or engaged in willful misconduct. 

As a precautionary action, patients need to retain every piece of documentation they receive from the doctor. This includes all forms of communication, such as emails, as well as the expected results the doctor discussed during the initial consultation. If the doctor lies or fails to provide the level of care expected from this type of professional, a medical malpractice claim has a better chance of succeeding.