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Construction accident leaves man with serious head injury

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Construction Accidents

There are many dangerous professions, but the construction industry carries its fair share of them. Far too often, New York’s construction workers are harmed when struck by moving vehicles or falling debris or when they fall from great heights or are crushed by machinery.

The risks are numerous, and the extent of harm suffered in a construction accident can be significant.

One New York construction worker found this out the hard way after suffering head trauma in a workplace accident. According to reports, the man was using a crowbar to try to remove a wooden plank near an unfinished stairway when he fell head-first into the stairway’s shaft. His fall was nine feet, ending with a concrete floor. He was listed in critical condition after the incident.

Even though construction companies and their worksites are subjected to numerous codes and regulations, these companies often fail to protect their workers. In this instance, both the construction company that employed the injured worker and the site both have serious violations on their records. Apparently there were no safety harnesses or guardrails near where the man fell. These devices, if properly used, could have prevented the accident in question.

New York’s Labor Law Section 240 is a powerful tool for injured construction workers to seek the compensation they need and deserve following a fall. This law imposes liability on construction companies when a worker is injured in a gravity-related incident unless it can be shown that the worker’s own negligence was the sole cause of the incident. This is a tall order for construction companies, meaning that injured construction workers are often able to succeed on their claims. These matters can be legally complex, though, which is why it is wise for New Yorkers who find themselves in this position to consider working with an attorney who has a strong track record of obtaining the compensation injured workers need and deserve.