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What types of birth injuries can occur?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Birth Injuries

Thanks to the use of ultrasound before birth and the more restricted use of forceps, the number of birth injuries is lower than it once was. Doctors can now see the position the baby is in and determine the best method of delivery.

5 common types of birth injuries

Despite this, birth injuries do still occur. When giving birth results in serious consequences, the consequences can be severe, causing injury, a lifelong condition or even death. These are some types of birth injuries of  birth injuries that can occur:

  • Head and brain injuries: Bleeding beneath the scalp may be minor, but bleeding inside the brain can, at times, have serious consequences. It can cause apnea (where the baby stops breathing), seizures or even death.
  • Nerve damage: Nerves control our muscles, so nerve damage can cause weakness in one or more muscles, including facial muscles, which can result in a lopsided expression. Damage to the spinal cord, which is a nerve, could leave your child unable to walk, and they may require a wheelchair for life.
  • Bone injuries: Bones can break in the delivery process, including limbs and collarbones. These usually mend.
  • Bruising or scratching or marks on the skin: While it can be distressing to see marks on your newborn baby, most usually heal themselves rapidly.
  • Oxygen deprivation: Lack of oxygen, whether to the brain or tissues, can cause tremendous distress for a parent at the moment of birth; your baby may need to go into intensive care. It could lead to long-term developmental, learning difficulties or cerebral palsy.

A medical malpractice claim may be an option if your child was injured at birth, and you believe the injuries were due to negligence.