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Safety tips you should remember when the roads are snowy

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Winter has definitely moved in the area. New York is under a state of emergency in several areas thanks to heavy snowfall, and there are signs that this winter is going to be memorable for its weather.

That makes brushing up on your winter safety reminders particularly important if you have to head out on the roads.

When you can’t stay home, remember the below rules for winter driving

Ideally, if the snow is still falling or the road crews haven’t had time to clear things up, you should stay home for a while. When that’s not an option:

  • Make sure your vehicle is in good working condition. Your brakes definitely need to be in good shape, but so do your tires. Tires with a decent tread and proper inflation will grab the road better and help avoid accidents. Snow tires are even better.
  • Clean the ice and snow from your vehicle before you start. Leaving a pile of snow on the roof of your car is asking for trouble. All that snow can tumble down over your windshield, obscuring your sight while you’re in motion — and that could be a disaster.
  • Give yourself extra time to get to your destination. Speed is your biggest enemy when the roads are snowy. You need to give yourself extra time so that you aren’t tempted to drive too fast for the weather.
  • Give other drivers extra space. Increase the amount of space between you and any vehicle you’re following so that you have extra time to react or stop if that car suddenly slides out.

Defensive driving is a must when the roads are bad

You cannot count on other drivers to be sensible when the roads are covered in snow. Instead, you have to be on your guard and a good defensive driver.

Despite all your efforts, however, you can easily end up in a wreck with another driver. If that happens, worry about your health and safety above all. When the immediate danger is passed, an attorney can help you claim the compensation you are due for your injuries and losses.