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A team approach to safety can reduce harm in the surgery suite

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

You have probably heard a few scary stories about errors that take place in surgery suites across the country. Surgeries performed on the wrong patient or body part commonly take center stage in such tales.

These stories sound like the basis for a good drama film, but they have happened to some Brooklyn victims. According to the American College of Surgeons (ACS), when those involved in performing surgery adopt a team approach, at least some surgical errors may be prevented.

How hospitals can reduce errors

The ACS states that most surgical errors occur due to a lack of communication between the involved parties. Some of the ways the ACS suggests that a team approach can reduce mistakes include:

  • Team-training in hospitals and institutions
  • Pre-and-post-operative briefing and debriefing procedures
  • Identifying (for all team members) the patient, procedure and surgical site
  • Computerizing patient medical records
  • Barcoding blood samples and medication
  • Using two pairs of gloves during procedures
  • Using needles with blunt tips (to reduce needle sticks)
  • Reducing or eliminating team member disruptive behaviors

Although these methods are not mandatory, the ACS believes that following these guidelines can enhance patient safety.

What can you do if you or your loved one suffered a surgical injury?

Surgical error victims know all too well how a mistake can result in significant harm. Our team has seen first-hand how errors in a surgery suite affect the lives of victims. For example, operating on the wrong body part leaves the original condition untreated while unnecessarily invading an unaffected area of the patient’s body.

We believe that pursuing a legal remedy for surgical errors is an effective way of encouraging medical personnel to practice caution. This solution also provides harmed patients with compensation for their suffering. Financial compensation will not erase an injury, but it can make sure you get the right medical care going forward. You will find more about medical malpractice by continuing to explore our firm’s website.