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Undetected gestational diabetes could lead to birth injuries

On Behalf of | May 21, 2021 | Birth Injuries

All pregnant people are subject to certain health risks. There are many changes that are going on in the body when you are pregnant, and this means that you may develop health conditions that could pose a risk to yourself or your unborn child.

Luckily, medical knowledge and research mean that medical professionals are generally well-versed on the risks, and they will conduct routine as well as specialized tests to figure out whether you have any pregnancy-related health conditions. One of the most common types of pregnancy-related health conditions is gestational diabetes. This is a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy and usually goes away after the mother has given birth. The following is an overview of gestational diabetes as well as what you can do if your gestational diabetes led to birth injuries.

What your doctor should look out for

Your doctor should consider testing your blood sugar levels as part of your prenatal care regardless of whether you display risk factors. However, risk factors of gestational diabetes include having a family history of diabetes, being older than 25, being obese or living a sedentary lifestyle.

How undetected gestational diabetes can affect your baby

Gestational diabetes means that you have extra glucose that will be passed on to your baby. Consequently, your baby can grow especially large, This can lead to a high-risk delivery and may result in a necessary c-section.

Additionally, gestational diabetes carries the risk of preterm birth. This can bring risks for the baby, such as respiratory distress syndrome, which can lead to oxygen deprivation.

Untreated gestational diabetes can lead to further problems even when the child reaches adulthood. For example, a child born to a mother with untreated gestational diabetes has a higher risk of type 2 diabetes later in life.

If you believe that you suffered untreated gestational diabetes during your pregnancy and that this led to your child’s birth injuries, you may be able to successfully make a medical malpractice claim.