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Who pays after a crash in a rideshare vehicle?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

New York has a large taxi industry, but rideshare apps have become increasingly popular throughout the state. People enjoy the freedom and efficiency of ordering a ride right from their phone without needing to look up a number or talk to a person. They can also pay and even tip without physically having cash or even their card present during the ride. 

Unfortunately, when crashes occur involving rideshare vehicles, the people involved may not know what to do. Does the driver have responsibility? Who pays after a collision involving a rideshare vehicle?

Was the driver on a paid trip, and were they at fault? 

The driver using their personal vehicle as a rideshare generally has higher insurance coverage than someone just driving their own vehicle. Currently, coverage rules are different in New York City versus the rest of the state, which means that those making a claim against rideshare coverage for a crash in New York City might only have $75,000 in injury coverage for one person hurt in a wreck. 

Both passengers in the rideshare vehicle and pedestrians hit by a rideshare vehicle can make a claim against this policy. Someone in another vehicle after a crash caused by the rideshare vehicle could also potentially file a claim against that coverage. 

Unfortunately, there could be issues if the driver does not have the right kind of insurance or has allowed their insurance to lapse. There could also be complications if the driver wasn’t working at the time of the crash, as their personal policy with lower coverage may apply instead.

Learning more about how different kinds of car insurance work in New York can help you protect yourself after a major collision.