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Failing to treat gestational diabetes could lead to birth injuries

On Behalf of | May 20, 2022 | Birth Injuries

Gestational diabetes is a serious problem during pregnancy. It is a medical condition that affects some women during pregnancy despite not having diabetes before pregnancy.

Usually, gestational diabetes occurs around the middle of pregnancy, so doctors should test for it between the 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy. Sometimes, women will have symptoms of gestational diabetes sooner, so medical providers should be looking for signs of this condition and test for it as soon as it is necessary to do so.

Can you control gestational diabetes if you are diagnosed?

Gestational diabetes can be controlled with medication, exercise and healthy eating, but not knowing that you have it could lead to severe birth defects due to problems with the way insulin is used in the body.

What can happen if gestational diabetes goes unchecked?

Pregnant women can be at risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels) when they have gestational diabetes. Though eating can correct this problem, very low blood sugar can be fatal in some cases. If diabetes isn’t well controlled during pregnancy, then the baby could develop low blood sugar levels after birth. This could lead to death.

Babies may also be extremely large after birth if the mother had gestational diabetes. This is because the child is essentially “overfed” in the body and grows extra-large. This could lead to birth issues such as the need for a C-section or nerve damage to the child if they are delivered vaginally.

High blood pressure can also be a risk for women with gestational diabetes. When high enough, high blood pressure can lead to a stroke, a seizure or other issues. The baby may also be born early.

If gestational diabetes wasn’t detected, you could have a claim

Diagnosing gestational diabetes only requires some simple blood tests. If you were showing signs of this condition and did not receive the tests needed to prevent serious birth defects or medical emergencies, it’s important for you to look into seeking a claim. Medical providers know the importance of checking for this condition, and failing to do so can lead to devastating consequences.