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Does workers’ comp help after a crash while on the clock?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2022 | Work Injuries

Workers in New York can get hurt when machinery malfunctions or another worker engages in an act of violence. Workers may require support if they develop work-related medical conditions due to overexertion or chemical exposure. A medical condition that results from someone’s employment could force them to take time off of work or even to change professions.

In any of these scenarios, and employee can make a straightforward claim for workers’ compensation benefits. However, are some kinds of injuries that occur at work and leave people feeling unsure about their rights.

Maybe you have to drive supplies back and forth between two branches of your company in different neighborhoods, or perhaps you provide on-site service calls as part of your job. Will New York workers’ compensation protect you after a car crash if you were on the job when it occurred?

Yes, workers’ compensation covers motor vehicle collisions

Any injury or illness that is a direct result of your employment may be eligible for workers’ compensation coverage. When you are performing job responsibilities and on the clock, a crash that leaves you hurt will potentially qualify you for workers’ compensation benefits.

Car crashes are actually one of the leading causes of large workers’ compensation claims and workplace fatalities. You can receive medical coverage and also disability benefits through workers’ compensation if you are unable to work.

What about property damage?

Workers’ compensation will not repair your vehicle, nor will it replace your broken phone. You can potentially also file a car insurance claim against the driver who caused the wreck. If successful, you could receive additional compensation that protects you from lost wages not covered by workers’ compensation. You can also request property damage costs.

It can be difficult to get full compensation for an injury on the job, as workers’ compensation will only cover so much. If you understand that you can hold someone else responsible when there is a third party to blame for your losses, you will be less likely to suffer long-term financial consequences because of a car crash at work.

Learning more about the rules that apply to a job injury will make it easier for you to ask for the financial support you deserve.