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Can you keep your headphones in while driving?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The advent of wireless earbuds has led many people to keep their headphones in almost permanently. Many find it convenient to keep them in when they jump into the car. 

Some states have banned drivers from wearing headphones outright. New York has a different rule. It permits you to keep one ear plugged in, but both would be illegal.

Regardless of the law, you should keep both headphones out

Not everything legal is safe and as a driver, you should prioritize safety over convenience. Here is the problem with driving with even one headphone in:

They make it easy to talk on the phone

Despite the fact that many cars now come with hands-free systems to allow you to talk on the phone without breaking the law, doing so is never a good idea. Phone calls can distract you, and they can continue to do so long after the call has finished. 

For example, receiving a call from the school to ask you to come in will have you wondering what your child has done wrong and what consequences they might face. You might spend the rest of the journey running through what you will say to persuade them to give your child one more chance. You should be thinking about what the traffic around you is doing.

You need your ears open to danger

Motor vehicles are required to have horns because they can give a last-minute warning that avoids a crash. If you cannot hear them because you have music blasting through your headphones, you could suffer serious consequences. Even one headphone disrupts your ability to hear.

If you notice a driver you crashed with was wearing headphones, it could help your case for compensation for your injuries