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July 2016 Archives

City settles wrongful death suit after autistic child dies

Although the city of New York agreed to a substantial settlement with a woman following the death of her autistic son, the mother says the money does not ease the pain. What she really wants is for changes to occur as a result of her son's wrongful death. Those changes may come on a federal level.

Truck accidents in New York bring suffering to many

It seems to happen all too frequently on today's highways: a tractor-trailer fails to slow down when traffic has stopped ahead. Truck accidents can cause devastation on the highways, many times involving multiple vehicles and high casualty counts. A recent accident on a New York highway is one example.

5 Steps you can take to avoid a medical mistake

Going to the hospital can be terrifying, even if you're there for a simple, routine procedure. That's because we oftentimes hear stories on the news or from people we know describing instances in which negligence at a hospital led to a serious or fatal medical mistake. For a lot of people, though, in the back of their minds, they wonder how often a medical mistake really happens.

New York work injuries may be prevented with safety precautions

In New York elementary schools, fire drills may seem silly to small children. However, the adults understand the importance of practicing safety procedures until they become second nature. Similarly, while on the job, people who take steps to make safety a routine part of the day may prevent needless work injuries. In 2014, over 4,800 workers across the country died on the job, and many of those accidents may have been prevented by following safety measures.

Man says medical malpractice at New York hospital cost him a leg

When an emergency calls for a trip to the hospital, most people expect to spend a lot of time waiting. However, a New York hospital is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit after what some call an egregious delay in treatment. The alleged medical malpractice resulted in the loss of a leg for a father of three.

What is an ischemic stroke and how might a doctor misdiagnose it?

When most people hear the word stroke, they often think of an ischemic stroke, which account for approximately 85 percent of all strokes, explains the Mayo Clinic. These types of strokes occur when the blood supply to the brain is reduced because of narrow passageways or interrupted by a blockage, such as a blood clot.

Compensation for birth injuries may improve a child's life

When parents in New York are expecting a baby, they often anticipate the milestones in their child's life. They may look forward to cheering at little league games, watching their children get ready for prom or sending them off to their first part-time jobs. Parents of children who have , however, may never share those experiences.

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