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October 2017 Archives

Risk of birth injuries may be hidden from expectant mothers

Probably the last thing an expectant mother wants to think about is the harm that can come to her or her baby while in the hospital during and after delivery. Nevertheless, that risk exists, and patients may not know about certain hidden dangers that may lead to birth injuries, both for the mother and the baby. Medical malpractice settlements are not always made public, and without diligent investigation, a patient may not know a lot of things about her doctor that could put her safety at risk.

Work injuries after roof collapse at New York construction site

New York construction sites are frequently scenes of accidents and injuries. Any construction worker knows that the risk of work injuries is high, and abiding by recommended safety precautions is essential. However, sometimes an accident cannot be predicted, especially when the building is an older construction. A recent collapse during the renovation of a historic building is one example of such an event.

Truck accidents change people's opinions of New York

For some who move to New York from other states, the pace of the city is exhilarating, and they find the rush and noise of the traffic part of the attraction. However, when that rush leads to serious injuries, the excitement of city living may wear off quickly, especially for those who are victims of truck accidents. For one man, an encounter with a truck led him to the decision to move out of the city for good.

Breast cancer is often misdiagnosed

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is crucial to spread awareness of breast cancer and promote mammograms, education and support. However, not every diagnosis of breast cancer is accurate. This is an unfortunate reality shown in a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). According to a report by NPR, pathologists often misdiagnose breast cancer. 

Tainted supplements responsible for wrongful death

When working toward health or fitness goals, many take advantage of any resource that offers results. For some, this means taking over-the-counter supplements, many of which are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Nevertheless, those seeking to lose weight or gain muscle may trust that what they read on the label is reliable and that the manufacturer would warn consumers of any potentially harmful ingredients. Apparently, this is not always the case, and the apparent wrongful death of an athlete is one recent example.

3 warning signs of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a rare yet serious condition that causes high blood sugar and insulin resistance in pregnant women. There are many reasons a woman might develop this condition during pregnancy, including obesity, high blood pressure or prediabetes. If undiagnosed, a child may become too large and cause other birth complications, too. Regardless of the cause, however, it is a doctor's responsibility to provide an accurate diagnosis if a mother develops this potentially serious condition.

Woman files medical malpractice after surgical mistake

Patients facing cancer diagnoses are typically afraid of the unknown. Treatments for cancer are often aggressive with debilitating side effects, which can be frightening for someone who is already sick. Knowing the treatment may bring about remission is what gets many New York cancer patients through the difficult months. However, for one woman, a doctor's attempt to treat her cancer led to more complications and a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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