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What motorists and bicyclists need to learn about protected bike lane usage

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2021 | Bicycle Accidents

There’s been an uptick in the installation of bike lanes here in the Bronx and the rest of New York City in recent years. Transportation officials have installed these with the expectation that they will improve biker safety.

They’ve come to discover that bike lanes are only as effective when government officials take time to educate motorists and bicyclists alike about their proper usage, though. 

Tips bikers should follow in bike lanes

Bicyclists are most vulnerable to being struck by motorists when pulling out of driveways, parking lots or alleys or if the driver opens their car door in the rider’s path. These situations may still pose a problem, even when a cyclist is using a bike lane. 

Bikers must also remain vigilant for other cars turning into them or swerving in their direction. Transportation officials recommend that bicyclists keep to the right to minimize the amount of force they face should a crash occur. 

Tips that motorists should follow when driving along bike lanes

Motorists may benefit from being reminded that they should never operate their vehicles within a bike lane. They may find it helpful to learn bike riders can travel in both directions within bike lanes. It’s also important that motorists understand that they must always yield to bicyclists when traveling through an uncontrolled intersection, crossing a bike lane or coming upon a driveway or alley.

What to do if a bike accident left you injured

Bronx bicycle safety advocates warned transportation officials late last year of their concern that serious bike accidents would continue to increase in the New York City borough until they installed more protected lanes. New York law allows you to recover compensation if you fall victim to such a crash. Speaking with an experienced attorney about your case is the wisest move you could make.