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We Take Bike Accidents Seriously. Your Recovery Is Our Priority.

Some of the most severe accidents are those involving bikes sharing the road with cars and other vehicles. Unfortunately, children are often involved in bike accidents and can face severe injury or even death. As Citi Bike and biking to work continue to grow in popularity, adults are also increasingly the victim of dangerous and reckless motorists. Tourists are also at risk.



A New York City police car struck a 65-year-old male bicyclist in Brooklyn.

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Liability for bike accidents is often determined by negligence, or who was at fault for the accident occurring. Looking at the evidence of the crash and investigating responsibility can be a tedious and challenging process — you can trust the team of attorneys at Paul B. Weitz & Associates, PC, to carefully review your case and fight for you while you focus on recovering.

The driver of a vehicle may be the one at fault due to not heeding proper caution when bikes are expected to be around such as on busy bike commuter roads or near parks. City bikes are growing in popularity as a way to conveniently travel around the city, but this can pose safety concerns on streets and sidewalks for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians nearby.

Help For Bicycle Accidents And Personal Injury Claims

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